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Well, there haven’t been too many required collection activities for this first go of things, so there’s not a ton to comment on, but I’ll throw out all my reflections in one because it seems silly to separate them.

Domain: A little frustration here in that yes, I already created my own website and my own domain for previous classes required in the ONID program so why do I need to set up another one.. I’m sure you instructors do actually talk to each other and would know that students are already creating domains. I created the first one expecting to build up my portfolio on that singular domain, not expecting to either create a new one (which I did), or transfer the old (which I did not for fear of how many different times I would have to go through this same step, depending on the teacher/class). Performing the set up was more of a pain through ReclaimHosting, but I’m hopeful that other things may be easier with them down the line, should I choose to continue using this domain post-654 life. I don’t like to ask for help unless I have to, so I probably didn’t create my new domain in the most efficient way possible, but I blame that on my nature which was heavily influenced by my surroundings (information everywhere! I can find out how to do it on my own!). (Having the title ‘information professional’ doesn’t help this characteristic 😉 ) I will say I hated working with the templates here. It was a royal pain trying to edit even what I thought were the more simplistic ones. Maybe that’s my own personal inadequacy, but I’m still spending time trying to figure out how to change the stupid menu color… I think this was required because it’s something we should all know how to do and we should all have some kind of ‘home’ centralized presence on the web, at least for the purpose of this class, so we can dump things here. Dump has the wrong connotation – perhaps a sharing hub is better.

Twitter: Easy, easy, easy. Something I’ve had and been using (again, more passively than anything else) for years. It helps that previous ONID classes also required Twitter usage because it shaped my own Twitter account and how I used it and I probably use it more now. Not so challenging (though tweeting is NOT my favorite thing, I’d rather read the news of others than share it myself), but makes sense to know as it’s another one of those handy dandy popular tech tools that seems to be presenting itself in every possible realm it can be. I would suggest to students to set up a Twitter account even if they’re not interested in the retweeting/hashtag creating/sharing aspect of it, because it’s easy and a great way to keep up with specialized news you’re interested in and news you may not find elsewhere without digging. Helps one to stay relevant.

Yawp: I can only reiterate it so many times, but creativity ain’t my jam. Writing about myself is fine, except for before I read the directions for the yawp, I literally started it off with… “if I had to give my elevator speech it would go a little something like this…”. I can talk about myself in the formal way and in terms of my accomplishments, but it’s harder and much more intimate to get into what makes you who you are. I think I chose some of the least personal eccentric questions keeping in form with that. I get that it’s good to give the people you’re interacting with an idea of who you are because it’s very easy to get the wrong opinion when you’re engaging in class virtually. I liked the concept of the eccentric questions as a way to make things feel more personal. I learned plenty about the people who have posted so far (some much more than others) and will be curious to see how their backgrounds and interests influence their participation in this class. This makes sense to me. I think I might prefer some F2F time though, to make more of a connection, but oh well.

So, student-of-the-past, coming from the future, create one domain and find a way to stick with it, get a Twitter account even if you refuse to let anyone know you have it, and discuss yourself out on the open web, even though we’re constantly being reminded that everything we do and publish is available to everyone everywhere, we can’t redact it, and privacy is a huge issue. Irony aside, step out of your comfort zone to see where you’ll go. META. (Not so much.)

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