Who Am I…

In order to not make this a total duplicate of my ‘About Me’ page, I’ll try and address the requirements along with some of the more esoteric prompts.

I’m Brook – I’m a reference librarian at a government agency in DC. I’m from Fairbanks, but have been out this way for 4 years now. I care passionately about art history (especially the postmodern and whatever-we’re-in-now age), yet that’s not at all what I’m doing with my life. I feel lost without school, whichkayakin is why I’ve finished one master’s degree, only to start a second (put on hold), and then a third. I also care passionately about chinese crested dogs… they’re incredible. Once I move somewhere pet-friendly, I’ll be all over the cc rescues that exist! I’m pretty liberal and pretty consistently disgusted with Congress and honestly, living in the nation’s capital can get a little too political for my liking. I enjoy playing soccer and coaching – I’ve been involved in coaching the youth of the nation, aka 7 year old girls who would rather talk about rainbow unicorns half the time than kick a ball around! They keep me feeling alive in the otherwise somewhat bland world of being an adult with a work routine. One of the best perks of living out here though is the thrift stores. One day I may just quit my job and go into business profiting from my thrift store finds. One day. One day I’ll figure it all out, or not. The older I get, the less convinced I am about that. If I could protest just one thing.. hmm, definitely the cost of education. It’s ridiculous. Rampant inequality results and who is actually benefiting from the exborbitant costs.. sure seems the university presidents are pretty well off… I wish I was more creative. Or wasn’t allergic to strawberries. And if I could change the world? I don’t really have that ‘defining characteristic of the milennial’ … Too lofty. I’m not a big-picture thinker.

Where do I exist in the ether.. well I’ve got another domain I’ve used for classes, Twitter, Diigo, LinkedIn, and all sorts of other presences I don’t really utilize, like a million email addresses, Pinterest, Facebook (ok I use this one), G+, and more. I’m not a big (intentional) content-creator (at least relative to other Internet users). I’ve got all the shopping accounts, Netflix, personal blogs, and who knows what else on the ‘private’ side, though really, why would anyone assume that anything is private anymore?

Now for the more esoteric.. (creative struggle)

  1. List all the places you’ve been that made you feel immortal, moved to tears, or omnipotent: Teddy Bear Cove in Bellingham, WA; Lichtenstein in the old part of the city, anywhere in front of the ocean, and my closet (feelings of safety).
  2. List all the smells that make you scream: onions, garlic (especially with onions), moth balls, smoke (cigarettes and the drug variety, not so much forest fires or bbqs), Adams Morgan at 3am on weekend, and trash.
  3. List books that made you cry: The Sorrows of Young Werther by Goethe and many a Haruki Murakami book.
  4. List the activities you’d do if you weren’t so afraid: learn to swim, speak in front of a large audience, move.
  5. List the quotes you find yourself spouting: I say ‘patience is a virtue’ more than I ever thought I would… it came from a little ‘credit card’ with characteristics and a Bible verse on it that I got when I was probably 10 and have remembered ever since. Also, ”LIKE A RAINBOW!” (Elijah Wood on SNL in 2003).
  6. List your de-stress recipe: the literal recipe is giant marshmallows with  spoonfuls of peanut butter covered in chocolate chips 🙂 toss in some acoustic or acapella music with a candle and a book and a warm (heated) blanket (or the sun) and we’re in business.

I think we’ll call that good for a ‘barbaric blog yawp!’ I hope it’s messy enough.

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