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bring out the bling!

I can’t say I’ve changed a ton from my first iteration of my blog. When I found out we had to create our own domain, I spent a lot of time customizing it then. Since the initial design, I’ve changed around some of the colors, added some widgets, made sure to add things necessary to meet the requirements (like a word cloud for all our tags) and tried to clean it up. I like my theme (Moesia) because it feels clean. I really didn’t want a busy blog with lots of text or some crazy background, which is why I chose a relatively plain photograph of plants for my cover photo. One thing I couldn’t figure out was how to get the sizing issue right because there’s lots more to that image (more bands of flowers in different hues of pink), but eventually I got it to a point where it looks fine (to me) as is, so I’ve left it at that. Then I wanted to contrast it with the teal to make it more visually interesting, yet still clean. I realize I have a lot of white space, especially when looking at a specific post, but I don’t mind that.

As I’ve already briefly mentioned, I really do prefer pages as opposed to posts. I like having ‘child’ pages because it makes the most sense for me in terms of organization. I don’t want to depend on item tags or categories to find things that go together. I added a plugin that was supposed to enable me to tag pages, so those tags would show up just the same as tagged post, and I’ve been using it, but it doesn’t appear that my page tags are actually showing up. Still playing around with that. I have added some additional widgets that didn’t come pre-built into my theme, including my word cloud, the broken link checker (courtesy of Alda), additional fonts and formatting tools, and the Twitter plugin for my posts. As I write more posts and pages, I keep coming across plugins that could be useful. I love that I can constantly add plugins and change up my site with ease (read: no real coding required). It’s also great to hear what plugins and widgets other people are using and like, so I look forward to seeing what else I’ll add from that.

I kind of wish I could do a little usability study and see what everyone else thinks of my site – since you all are my audience. If you have comments or suggestions, please drop them in the comments section!

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