Make + Share: Truman’s Melting Icebox

Thanks to Jean’s post, I thought this was a fun ds106 creative suggestion to try. I like music and spend plenty of time thinking about their lyrics. This was one of the less painful ‘creative’ experiences for me. I thought about some of the lyric-less music I listen to frequently, which is decidedly piano music. I went to one of my sleep playlists and landed on the piece ‘Truman Sleeps’ by Phillip Glass (from The Truman Show). It’s beautiful, it’s short, and it’s kind of mystical. I liked the juxtaposition Jean did with picking two songs that had very different feelings (Happy vs. the dramatic Phantom of the Opera), so I tried to pick a song that was really upbeat, bouncy, and a much fuller piece with more instruments. I ended up choosing ‘Melting in My Icebox’ by Bronze Radio Return, who I’ve seen perform a fair few times out here in DC and really enjoy. The music for that song is upbeat, but the lyrics when read can be interpreted as very sad, not being able to hold on to fleeting moments. When I read them over the piano music, they sounded even more depressing! It was creepy hearing my voice being played back sounding so sad, which I tried to play up, but creating this and thinking about the content and how the two songs played off each other was really engaging. I made it in GarageBand, which I have used before, instead of Audacity (which I haven’t). I don’t want to publish it elsewhere for copyright restrictions, even though I’d think that I may be within Fair Use limitations, since I took two works and took pieces of them and remixed them, to create something entirely new. Anyways, take a listen, and maybe go listen the actual Bronze Radio Return version after since it’s not so sad!

4 thoughts on “Make + Share: Truman’s Melting Icebox

  1. Excellent, excellent, excellent! Well done…and I’m glad it wasn’t too painful 🙂

    I’d heard a few of Bronze Radio Returns’ songs before without knowing who they are. I like their sound…and like that many of their lyrics work as poetry, which you brought to the forefront with the reading. The way you expressed that last line was fantastic.

  2. This is great Brook! Do you play music/record with Garage Band? I’ve opened the program before and then my ear of musical rejection made me abandon experimenting with it. Maybe I’ll give it another try 🙂

    I think you could publish this or post it anywhere you’d like (since it’s good!) and enjoy the educational protection this course provides!

  3. Never thought of mixing music and lyrics like that. One of my sons sings all the time. He often gets the melody correct but makes up the most interesting words. Love it.

  4. This came out great! I’m glad my weird one inspired your own creativity. I have GarageBand on my ipad but haven’t taken time to figure it out yet. Now you are inspiring me.

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