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A month or so ago, I decided to venture into Feedly to make it easier to stay atop of everyone’s blogs. This was the first class that used blogs that has had more than three other students :) so I needed a better way to manage all of the content updates without constantly checking each individual site. I found Feedly very easy to use and very user-friendly. I created a group for our class ED654: Digital Citizenship and added everyone’s websites. Now, so long as I remember to check it frequently, it’s easy to see the latest content. Once I’ve read that content (or at least opened up the page), I can mark that particular new post as read and it disappears from the forefront of my feed, which I love, so that I’m only getting new, unread content. I also really enjoy the multiple sharing options for each post. When I click on a post, I’m presented with a pop-up window (great if I don’t want to look at the full page, just a snippet), and can share that among various social media sites, bookmark it, tag it, save it to Evernote, etc. I love the endless options to do something with the content beyond just reading it. Overall, I would really recommend Feedly to everyone. Originally, I had started out using the WordPress Reader, but I find that messy and not as accessible as Feedly. Check it out – and if anyone uses anything different they like better, definitely let me know!

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