Think, think, think: How much better we could be

Well, this was yet another moment in the class where I had some deep revelations. I went with deep instead of depressing… because I’ve had a rather fatalistic morning in terms of discussions and would like to try and be a tidge optimistic. In fact, my original title was ‘How bad off we are,’ but that was so negative… But seriously – doing more research into ADA, especially looking at how successfully my organization does it – has been eye-opening. As I talked about, my library has made some accommodations, but being ADA-compliant clearly isn’t on the top of our priority list and nothing more will likely be done until an outsider/patron says something. I can’t say I was suuuuper excited for this collection, because it’s more legal-based, less interesting gray area to discuss (though not necessarily so as pointed out by some of my classmates’ great fire away questions!), but I’m glad it was required because it’s something I really need to know more about and be aware of. If not just for myself, but to pass that along to ensure my organization is doing what we can.

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