Advice for future generations

Well, this was a hilarious endeavor. I sound RIDICULOUS. I made a video to share my advice because I knowwww I’m super text-heavy and reliant on the written word, so I wanted to try something slightly more engaging and interesting.. but I just sound really ridiculous! And I realized that mostly when I went to add the closed captioning. I don’t finish my sentences and I say ‘um’ WAY too much, as well as ‘let’s see.’ I think I ought to not use a slightly-pre-scripted list of topics next time and I think I should probably do a few practice runs next time. I can practically see some of my anxieties of talking screaming at me from the camera (like using my hands, which I’ve gotten in trouble for while doing class presentations). All that aside, here’s the video with my advice to future students.


One thought on “Advice for future generations

  1. There’s nothing like typing up a transcript to make one aware of one’s mannerisms! That said, I think this video is great! You are very articulate and, most importantly, provide both general and some specific advice that will be useful to others contemplating taking this class. Thanks very much for taking the time to share your thoughts in this way…

    And the domain migration issue is doubly noted. I will make sure that is front and center next time around (and I’m working with the other ONID instructors to get them all on the same page with the domain and Reclaim Hosting).

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