Learning thing for Librarians

Since I’m not an educator, nor a part of any education administration, nor a parent, I (not surprisingly) went with what I am, which is a librarian. So, what’s digital citizenship for a librarian? I thought I had a pretty good idea of this prior to this class, since I was more interested in hearing what it meant for everybody else, but I’ve learned quite a lot throughout the class and thought it’d be good to package it together. Sooooo, I made a book. I know it doesn’t get much nerdier than that… a librarian, writing a book, for librarians.. but here it is!

[embeddoc url=”http://bbbender.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Digital-Citizenship-for-Librarians.pdf” width=”75%” height=”750px” download=”all”]

*Additional note: I used Papyrus Editor to create this ‘ebook’ (which I have saved in multiple formats including epub, just went with PDF for ease of loading to WordPress) and it was pretty good. It was simple to use and free, but there wasn’t a ton of customization available. And for some reason, all of my images except one (NYT cover) worked. It showed up when making the book, but apparently not in the published version for whatever reason. Regardless, it wasn’t a bad experience creating a book using this program, but I’d definitely like to know if people have others they prefer.

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