Exploring ADA

I decided to go at creating ‘answery things’ in a different manner than I may have chosen just based on the fact that our content is dealing with ADA. I […]

ADA & Me

For the sake of doing something less textual, I created an infographic for the basic guidelines libraries need to follow to be accessible. It’s pretty simplistic, but adds a slightly more […]

Collection IV

Here are the links for content created as part of Collection IV: ADA & Me Exploring ADA Get (more) productive

Collection III

Here’s what comprises Collection III: Collaborate (a little) Copyright Timeline for Librarians Creative Commons Fair(ish) Use Get Productive IP: Friend, Foe, or Nonpartisan? Thinking some more thoughts

Collection II

Here are the links to the activities that make up Collection II: Exploring Digital Cit Bling Your Blog Make + Share: Truman’s Melting Icebox Make + Share: Wordle RR: Belshaw […]