Search & Research: Patent Trolls

I’d never heard of a patent troll before, and it sounded like an interesting concept. I realize that since it involves patent, it probably isn’t actually all THAT interesting, but […]

Fire Away

I’m not sure exactly how many specific questions I had while doing this assignment. Lots of big-picture, thought-provoking topics to consider and things to think about, but a lack of specific […]

Exploring ADA

I decided to go at creating ‘answery things’ in a different manner than I may have chosen just based on the fact that our content is dealing with ADA. I […]

ADA & Me

For the sake of doing something less textual, I created an infographic for the basic guidelines libraries need to follow to be accessible. It’s pretty simplistic, but adds a slightly more […]

Get (more) productive

For this post, I decided to talk about one tool that I’ve depended on pretty heavily for a few years now, a program with a very CLEAR purpose. That purpose? Keeping my […]

Collection IV

Here are the links for content created as part of Collection IV: ADA & Me Exploring ADA Get (more) productive