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This isn’t one of the direct assignments for the second collection, but holy cow, I just want to get in writing how challenging I find the Rich Reflections to be because all I seem to do is come away with questions upon questions! Looking back on the first two that were part of Collection I, I felt like I should have been providing much more concrete thought, not opening up a vast and deep crevasse of uncertain thoughts and never-ending questions and I think it got even worse for the two reflections for Collection II. I’m looking back at my Belshaw responses and I count no fewer than 28 questions. I don’t even know how to begin determining answers to half of those or if half of those even can be answered. Writing the reflections and realizing I’m asking more questions than coming away with concrete thoughts makes me feel a little like I’m doing this wrong. Not really wrong, per se, but like I’m going to wind up questioning everything I know to be true. Where and how does one draw that line? It’s good and I’m grateful for all these readings really getting my blood flowing in my brain and thinking about so many new things, but how much can one reflect without getting lost in thought? See, I’ve done it again – answered questions with questions! I’m worried about becoming too internal through this process. I understand why we are writing these reflections – they are a good way to get us to not only think about what we’re reading, but to process it and interact with it. We get to take a more aggressive position with the information than just the passive consumer. But man alive, it’s getting exhausting. Maybe I need to do some Socratic questioning and just talk it out with my peers or anyone, really. Maybe I’m asking questions I know the answers too. Or maybe I’m just getting stuck in the weeds. All possible. Not sure writing a meta- piece thinking about asking too many question is going to help, but this has certainly been an overriding thought since the first reflection.

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  1. Hopefully you are experiencing, since you wrote this, a bit of a relief in this area…that was one of the reasons I integrated the readings into other activities instead of doing (even more!) Rich Reflections!

    It’s almost like you are in my head, though, because this is how I feel about the content of this course pretty much all the time. Many of the topics feel pretty settled at the top level and/or in everyday routine…but scratch the surface and every one of them seems to have deep philosophical waters in which we mostly just tread (and necessarily so).

    If wisdom really is knowing how you one doesn’t know, then I am wise, indeed.

    So being full of questions is, I think, good. Really good. But like anything, it can get to be a bit too much. For myself, I need regular periods of putting things in to practice *and* reminding myself that, more or less, everything is contingent and very little is truly settled so I take a deep breath, step back and shift my thinking (and let my subconscious get to work)…

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