Collaborate (a little)

For this project, I followed my fellow classmates’ public cry for partnership and used Twitter to find Elisha to work on this assignment with. We used Twitter direct messages to communicate, which kept the dialog short and sweet! I created a Public Pad using the free web app TitanPad, because it didn’t require any downloads or logins and isn’t blocked by certain networks I work in. I DM’ed Elisha theshortened link and we took turns (as you can see) commenting and revising the statements. (The Public Pad is still indeed public so if anyone wants to make some edits, feel free!)
  TitanPad with Elisha

From there, Elisha created a draft of the Prezi, which I took a quick swing at editing. We kept it sweet and simple, and I like that we eliminated the numbered rules because really, who is to say one is more important than the other?
Once the Prezi was in final form, we talked about who would Tweet it out and that ended up being me, so she retweeted it!

Overall, a pretty simple ‘assignment,’ but it was kind of nice to work with someone, especially Elisha since she was so communicative and quick to respond and we hammered it out! We also tended to agree, which made the revisions pretty easy. 

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