Copyright Timeline for Librarians

For this timeline, I decided to make it as relevant to me as I possibly could so I focused on key events that librarians ought to know about regarding copyright. Luckily, many of the library associations specifically AL – The Association of Research Libraries – are very concerned with copyright as they need be) and have published many timelines that I was able to draw on. I tried to focus on some of the bigger, more mainstream events, since there are SO many and I really did learn a lot. It’s amazing how far we’ve come, yet how stuck we still seem to be. I used the Timeline JS web app to create my timeline, which was a product of Northwestern University’s Knight Lab. It was easy to use (mosly), as I just input my data into a Google Drive spreadsheet and then they used that to create the timeline, which I think turned out alright visually. It’s not the most exciting thing in the world and I should’ve added more visuals or links (had some difficulty with the links), but oh well. Not too bad for my first time experimenting with this new tool. I also had to enter full dates for the events, which is why a lot of them show up with a date of January 1, whatever year. I didn’t spend THAT much time going back and looking through for the EXACT dates, so my apologies there.

One thought on “Copyright Timeline for Librarians

  1. Hi Brook! It’s always really interesting reading your assignments because of your ability to personalize and apply it to your situation as a Librarian. To be completely honest, I didn’t even notice a lot of the dates had January 1 as I’m usually just interested in the years anyway.

    You had a lot of the earlier events that I thought about mentioning in my copyright infographic but just didn’t have time or room to add, but I’m glad you added them because I think they’re definitely worth mentioning (like my man, John Locke). Otherwise, it was enlightening reading about all of the more current copyright events, 2000-2015. It’s easy to forgot how crucial libraries are in the history of copyright. Thank you for sharing!

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