Thinking some more thoughts

Well, this third collection certainly continued the thread of meta-cognition that’s been ongoing in this class for me. Questions upon questions upon questions upon questions. Intellectual property – our first assignment in this collection – is nothing but one huge (or a million little) questions for me. And how can it not be when it is so fluid and the definition seems to be in a constant state of flux? Our understanding of it continues to do nothing but change. THE ONLY CONSTANT IS CHANGE. I’ve always hated that phrase. But seriously – how do we stay on top of issues like intellectual property, copyright, and fair use? IP wasn’t the same as back in the 17th century as it is today. of course the advent of technology has, and will continue to, change it. Our understanding of property as tangible product has already flown out the window. Will our thoughts of today soon become as antiquated as those of the past when looking back through the copyright timeline? No doubt they will. Will the definitions of fair use continue to change? I certainly hope so, because I hope we become less stringent with rules/regulations/restrictions and will focus more on what they enable instead of what they disable. The Creative Commons is a relatively new concept, so I’m sure there will be more things like it to come. I can’t think of any advice I’d give to a student of the future, because I’d fear it would just be outdated the moment I gave it. These subjects are fascinating because of that fact and while I’ve developed too many questions to list out here, they have certainly provoked some deep thinking, which is never a bad thing.

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